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Cameron Christensen

Software Developer

I'm currently a software developer at the University of Utah Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. My passion is graphics--especially ray tracing--and visualization. I like people, too.

Some of my recent personal projects

Lambertian reflection simulator
A fresh ray tracer in Rust

After over a decade with SCI it's time for me to move on. I finished a MS in Computing focused on Graphics and Visualization in 2019 and I'm ready to embrace my passions. This past ~two years of working remotely have helped illuminate my strengths and joys and they have reinforced my desire to help build ray tracers.


Some of my projects at SCI

ShapeWorks Image Analysis Suite
dSpaceX: design Space eXplorer
OpenViSUS Streaming Visualization Framework
AQ&U air quality monitoring

Yes, this site is just getting started. It's a long ways from C++ to HTML, but no problem!